Open Your Racing Cafe or Small Entertainment Center

Formula 1 Show Car for sale with motion simulator to open your dream place

• You Can Open Your Own Race Cafe or Enetrtainment Center! You Can Make Money on the Cafe Shop also on the Pay Per Ride Customers.

• You Can rent the car for events for US$ 1500 / day. If you organize a promotion for a company you easily can make US$ 20,000 with a two week campaign. We made it, and we know it works and it is not a ferry tale… F1 Car for sale to realize your dreams!

Image 19-1 F1 Race Cafe Concept
Image 19-2 F1 Race Cafe Concept
Image 19-3 F1 Race Cafe Concept

• You Can rent the car for private parties: birthdays, bachelor parties, weddings just to mention a few… Yes US$ 1500 / day only for the car and you can make more money with additional services (on host, hostess, merchandise etc)…

Image 19-13 F1 Motion Simulator in a "Container"
Image 19-14 F1 Motion Simulator in a "Container"
Image 19-15 F1 Motion Simulator in a "Container"

• You Can rent the car for corporate events: trade shows, team buildings… Yes another way to make US$ 1500 / day.

• Rent it for shooting commercials… Aha… you can make even more money on it.

Image 19-10 F1 Racing Cafe
Image 19-11 F1 Racing Cafe
Image 19-12 F1 Show Car in a Showpping Center

• Rent the car for taking photos. The customers pay per photo… You frame it and sell it… Have you been to Disney? They do it every day…

Image 19-7 F1 Show Car mounted on Kart Track's wall
Image 19-8 Wall Mounted F1 Show Car
Image 19-9 F1 Racing Cafe

• You Can use the car for Pay Per/Ride service. The Pay Per/Ride fee is based on your location; you can ask easily US$ 10/qualification (3 laps single rider) or US$ 100 or more per racing event (20 laps racing with other drivers). You need to schedule the crowd and the business precisely, this is not a cheap ringlispíl. It is a unique machine that Formula 1 drivers use for preparation before races. You can make a contest among the drivers as well. The drivers will return each week, even each day to win the contest. The winner of your contest can earn a racing ticket, a complete trip to a racing even a racing driver school.

Image 19-4 Beautiful example for F1 Home Design
Image 19-5 Beautiful example for F1 Home Design
Image 19-6 Beautiful example for F1 Home Design

• You also Can sell the advertising surface of the car for a sponsor. You easily can get US$ 20,000 / year from a sponsor. The sponsor can advertise their brand as main sponsor of your driver contest. We did it, it works for sure…

• It Can improve your social life. You can make driving contest with your friends and business partners… You can invite your VIP's to your place. It will be a lot easier relationship afterwards…

• You can sell racing merchandises also and plenty of your guest will go to your store just see the car. It will skyrocket your place's traffic..

• You Can save a lot on our 2019 F1Showcar™. Do you know how much it cost to buy a real racing car? Up to One Million $ even more… Our car cost just the fraction of it…

• Do you want to be a racing driver once? We have good news for you. All of the Formula 1, Nascar, GT, Rally and Touring Car Drivers make driving practices on simulators. You can read many success stories about novice drivers who made fantastic debuts after they learned the car and the track on simulator. All professional Formula 1 drivers are practicing on Motion Simulators. The F1Showcar™ motion simulator is the best in the market, capable for professional driver trainings. You can save a lot on your tests if you learn the racetrack on a simulator car and keep your mind trained for the racecar driving. We know it works 100% sure…

• If you are a racing driver, your sponsors need a display car for their events and you need a car for your training… What else can we say…

• You Can use your F1Showcar™ for several years without any modification. After a few years you can repaint it and use with a different outfit.

• You also Can resell the car on a higher price for your customer...

• Our prices and quality are the best in this industry and you can make money on the F1Showcar™ in several ways. Only the sky is the limit…


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